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Corporate Deliveries

Deliver business documents, invoices and bills on time

Soar above the competition with customized Corporate Deliveries

We offer delivery services for corporate institutions that need to deliver items as quickly as possible to stay in business.

By combining your request and our understanding of the delivery terrain in Ghana we are able to offer a strategic and well planned delivery package for your corporate outfit. Our corporate deliveries are handled with greater care and speed as we understand each delivery is essential to the growth and stability of your business.

Case Study

Client: DreamOval Ltd

Industry: Fintech

Department: Administration & Finance

Delivery Overview

DreamOval Limited is a best in class financial processor located in Ghana. They were in need of a reliable delivery service to pick up and drop of invoices and bills to their customers and vendors. Delivery Guys offered this service with great customer service to them.

Delivery Solution: Solved the issue of employing another full time company driver and saved cost.

Why choose Delivery Guys?

Cost Efficient

All corporate deliveries are handled with maximum security and professionalism. Our riders are trained to offer the best service to corporate companies in need of our corporate deliveries.

Our corporate deliveries save corporations the cost of employing more corporate riders and paying them wages plus all other employee benefits. 

We offer on-the go support services for items picked up and dropped off for all our corporate clients. If you are on unhappy about any of our deliveries, please send an email to the Director at