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Hybrid Deliveries

We Provide Solutions For Many Industries

Hybrid Deliveries according to your needs

Hybrid deliveries are the new thing in town. Maybe your business needs more than a delivery service and we are here to offer that. For businesses that need an added component of customer service and sales, we have created a hybrid delivery service.

Hybrid deliveries give the added touch to your business.
Case Study

Client: 3rd Party Logistics Company

Industry: Logistics

Delivery Overview

This company needed to provide delivery services for another company which it had enlisted as a client. They opted for the option of an unbranded bike and a designated rider.

Delivery Solution: They didn’t need to lose their branding to retain their client. We provided the needed delivery service under a white label.

Why Choose Delivery Guys?

Cost Efficient

All customised deliveries are handled with maximum security and professionalism. Our riders are trained to offer the best service to all companies in need of our deliveries.

Our deliveries save corporations the cost of employing more riders and paying them wages plus all other employee benefits. 

We offer on-the go support services for items picked up and dropped off for all our clients. If you are on unhappy about any of our deliveries, please send an email to the Director at